2019 Board Election

To meet the requirements of section 6 (7) of the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Act, the Governance Committee acts as the College’s appointment and nominating committee during an election.

There are (10) RPN positions on the Board and all are up for election.  There are twelve (12) candidates.  Each candidate has been asked to develop a profile to assist the voters in making their selections. 

The Governance Committee is asking the voters to consider diversity in representation (including area of psychiatric nursing practice, employment setting, geography and education), board/committee experience, and the Board’s need for leadership succession when making their selections.

The Candidates for the 2019 Board Election

The following Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs), listed alphabetically, are candidates in the 2019 Board election:

Wanda Brine

I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse and was in the first graduating class of the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing Program, Brandon University in 1998. I hold over 20 years of clinical practice experience, having worked in a multitude of community based mental health programs in Calgary, AB and Brandon, MB. At present, I am employed as a Shared Care Mental Health Counsellor, My Health Team-Brandon with the Prairie Mountain Health Region.

Throughout my career, I have fulfilled frontline, education and management roles. I have gained experience in strategic planning, policy and procedure development and budget/financial management as a member of various volunteer boards and committees. I am currently an active CRPNM Board Member and sit on the Governance Committee. I was a volunteer Item Writer for the Registered Psychiatric Nurses Association of Canada Examination (RPNCE) content development from 2014-2017 and currently sit on the RPNCE Exam Committee. I respect the dynamic nature of our healthcare system and embrace progressive change. I hold steadfast commitment to promoting excellence and growth with the RPN profession.                 

Annette McDougall

In 2012 I graduated from Brandon University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing degree.  Over the last 7 years, I have had the privilege of working in a wide array of clinical settings.  I have had multiple employment opportunities at Health Sciences Centre which includes working as an acute care mental health nurse with various patient populations, a clinical resource nurse for a seclusion reduction initiative, and I am currently working as a nurse therapist in the Short-Term Assessment and Treatment Program.  Since 2015 I have been focused on completing the Master of Psychiatric Nursing program at Brandon University.  My research has been focused on the experience of patient violence for acute care mental health nurses.  I strongly believe that taking care of nurses and providing a safe environment is not only important for the safety and wellbeing of nurses, but also contributes to a safe and therapeutic environment for patients.

I would like to serve on the Board of Directors to support my professional college and to become more involved in the college’s strategic direction and priorities.  I am dedicated to my professional practice. I have some experience developing and revising clinical practice guidelines and believe I could be an asset to the committee.  I have been an active member of the HSC Nursing Practice Committee and was co-chair for three years.  I have experience with leading meetings, contributing feedback, and formal presentations.

Jennifer McKelvey

In August of 1991, after graduating from the School of Psychiatric Nursing in Brandon Manitoba, I began my career at the Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) in Portage La Prairie, MB. From 1991 – 2006, I worked as a shift duty nurse providing hands on care to residents with a developmental disability. In 2006, I was promoted to the Nursing Outreach Coordinator position and in 2010; I took on the added responsibility of Residential Coordinator of the Convalescent Unit.

My role is to provide clinical service to resident care and program teams, as well as liaise the transition of residents with the community hospitals and facilities. In addition, I arrange in house Psychiatry Clinics, facilitate the certification of nurses in phlebotomy/intravenous therapy and purchase all medical related supplies at the centre.

I am accountable to provide leadership to the residential care team and to ensure quality resident care is delivered efficiently and effectively. This includes operational and budgetary planning, human and materials resource management, policy/procedural development and review and decision making relevant to my area of responsibility. I am an active member of 6 committees at the MDC, including the Nursing Professional Practice Committee.

I am a dedicated employee and take pride in the work that I do. I demonstrate a high level of motivation and enjoy working in a challenging environment. I was excited to become a CRPNM Board member in 2013 and have learned so much about the college and its role/responsibilities towards both the public and the profession. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue as a Board member for the 2019-2021 term.  Thank you.

Deb Melanson

Currently, I am employed within the WRHA as a Program Manager at MATC providing hospital and community-based services for youth aged 12-17 experiencing serious mental health and behavioral challenges. I am interested in a third term on the CRPNM Board and would be honored to serve as a member of the Executive should I be chosen to do so.  I will strive to provide continuity, integrity and thoughtfulness to the work that the Board commenced during my past and current terms. I am the Chair for the CRPNM Registration Committee and a member of the CRPNM Discipline Committee and both chair and participate in internal, regional and provincial committees as part of my daily work. 

I am the Accreditation Chair for the WRHA Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program and spend many hours researching and collaboratively developing internal and regional policies and practice guidelines. I feel strongly, at this point in my career as an RPN, that I have an obligation to support the CRPNM as it moves forward with new legislation (RHPA), changes in mental health practice and service delivery. In my professional roles as an RPN, manager, student and sometimes teacher I believe I bring a unique overarching perspective both to the Board and to my practice.

Sharran Mullins

I am a proud Registered Psychiatric Nurse and bring a variety of experience and education to roles I have taken on in clinical practice, administration, leadership, and most recently, psychiatric nursing education. I graduated with a Master of Psychiatric Nursing degree (MPN) from Brandon University in 2018 (clinical stream), a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BScPN) 2008, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 2007.  I have held progressive positions in mental health in the following settings:  Westman Crisis Services CSU Nurse, Adult Community Mental Health Worker at the 7th St. Health Access Centre, Client Care Coordinator – 5th floor of Fairview Home (Dementia ward), and Care Team Manager, St. Paul’s Personal Care Home, Dauphin, MB. My current role is Assistant Professor at Brandon University, Faculty of Health Studies.  I serve on a number of committees at department and faculty levels at Brandon University including the Graduate Health Studies Steering Committee, MPN Program Admissions Committee, and I am a member of the Mental Health on the Prairies Conference Steering Committee.  In every role and every population with which I have the privilege of working, my focus has been the provision of quality care and ethical practice. 

I would like to be a CRPNM board member as I believe it provides an important opportunity to participate in the governance of the profession that has provided me with a challenging and exciting career. A skill I possess that may be beneficial to the board /committees is my ability to process and compile large volumes of information quickly and accurately.

Taryn Schrot

Currently I am employed with Prairie Mountain Health as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Child and Adolescence Treatment Centre on the Crisis Unit.  In the short time I have been a psychiatric nurse, I have worked with all ages, as I started my career off in geriatrics and I continue to work causally at the Westman Crisis Services both in house and on the mobile unit.

I have not formally been on any boards or committees but I do volunteer my time as needed.  I have assisted in school functions and other personal interest groups.

I believe I would be a good candidate for any of the positions as I am a good team player, openness to new experiences and a willingness to learn.  Continuous improvement is the corner stone in health care and participating in such a committee would only not help me with professional goals but provided a means to give back to the profession. 

Naomi Sirota

Since the time of my graduation in June of 2014, I have been involved in Community Psychiatric Nursing (RPN) while maintaining an acute hospital connection. Currently, I work in the Health Science Centre (HSC) as a Psychiatric Liaison Nurse.  Now that I have been practising for more than 4 years, I have a greater, more appreciative understanding of client-centered care, ethical decision-making and the definition of recovery.  I have also come to learn that the definition of recovery is an individual journey.  As a RPN, I embrace the importance of harm reduction approach to support client’s recovery goals and value the resiliency found in achieving those goals.

I believe that I will be an asset to the Board of Directors in offering insight regarding safe, regulated practice that serves the client/public interest. I recognize that it is important to consider all stakeholders involved in the ethical decision-making process of this College.  As a Regulatory Body for RPN of Manitoba, I understand that strategic planning, financial operations and organizational processes are the fundamental responsibilities of all the members but are structurally enforced by the Board of Directors.  I acknowledge the importance in working in a team-mindset to ensure all the parties involved in the Board of Directors are supported and have the appropriate resources available. I value the accountability to not only the Executive Director but the Board and all the members that strive to make our practice safe and ethical.

Kelly-Ann Stevenson

I am very interested in continuing to participate as a Board member of CRPNM. For the past two years, I have been Chairperson of the CRPNM Finance Committee and serving on the CRPNM Executive Committee.  My thirty-four years of experience as RPN has been diverse from direct service care in a hospital/ residential settings/ personal care home, to advance practise in the community. Currently, I am semi-retired working part-time at Marymound Youth Addictions Stabilization Unit.

I have wide variety of Board experiences – Union (former Vice president of Manitoba Government General Employees Union), political (former director of a local political party) and community (former Chairperson of Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre), past president of the Council of Women of Winnipeg and past Vice- President of National Council of Women of Canada. 

My lengthy work experience as an RPN, along with vast Board experience on various local and national Boards and years of advocacy work with youth, women, families and the community would allow me to continue to make strong and valuable contribution to the CRPNM Board of Directors.

Tracy Thiele

I am a Registered Psychiatric Nurse with a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing from Brandon University (2001) and was one of the first psychiatric nurses to receive a Master of Nursing – Administration, from the University of Manitoba, February 2013.  I am currently pursing my PhD in Nursing at the U of M with the focus of my studies to be on role clarity amongst the nursing professions (RN, RPN & LPN).

I am the Manager of Nursing Initiatives in the office of the WRHA Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. In this role I support regional initiatives such as Scope of Practice, Collaborative Care, Advance Care Planning, Falls Prevention and Management and Wound Care. I have a great opportunity in this role to advocate and highlight the importance of mental health across the health spectrum and care settings. I have worked in clinical care and administrative positions in acute psychiatry, and long-term care; along with positions at the University of Manitoba, Faculty of Nursing as Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant and I currently have an honorary appointment of Instructor I. I also have had the opportunity to teach future psychiatric nurses their first introduction to the RPN program along with 4th year research methods, at our Winnipeg site (Brandon University). I have a variety of experiences in roles that provide support and development of new and innovative program, research, and quality improvement initiatives. 

I am the Past President of Sigma Theta Tau International: Honour Society of Nursing (Xi Lamda Chapter) and also represent Manitoba on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurse (CFMHN).  I am President-Elect for the CFMHN and co-lead for their national conference coming to Winnipeg, Oct. 9-11, 2019.

I am currently the Vice-President of the CRPNM Board of Directors and the chair of the CRPNM Quality Assurance Committee.  I would like to continue promoting and strengthening the education and practice of RPN’s as a member of the Board of Directors and would welcome the opportunity to assume a leadership role in the governance of the College.

Andrea Thomson

I am proud to be a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (2009) and a Master of Psychiatric Nursing (2017) from Brandon University. I have eight years of experience as an acute care Psychiatric Nurse at Health Sciences Centre. I also have leadership experience as a Nurse Educator and chair of a Recovery Group at the facility. I was employed as Mental Health and Addiction Specialist at a private practice clinic in Winnipeg, MB called Vital Life Inc. I provided individual counselling and group therapy in this role. More recently I have changed focus and am now employed as an Assistant Professor within the Department of Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University.

I am interested in becoming a CRPNM Board Member to stay current with the changes to the profession. Serving as a board member will strengthen my ability to prepare and instruct future psychiatric nurses. The Assistant Professor position also provides me with an opportunity to conduct research pertinent to the profession of Psychiatric Nursing and diverse needs of mental health consumers. Participation on CRPNM the Board of Directors may equip me in understanding research implications and leading this research. The profession of Psychiatric Nursing has benefited me professionally and personally. I am happy to give back and contribute the CRPNM in any way necessary. There are many exciting changes taking place such as the Regulated Health Professions Act and I would like to be a part of these changes. Thank-you for your consideration.

Sara Wikstrom

I graduated from the Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing Program at Brandon University in 2007.  Since then, I have been employed in Winnipeg at the Crisis Stabilization Unit, St. Boniface Hospital inpatient psychiatry unit, and presently in the St. Boniface Hospital outpatient psychiatry department.  For the last seven years, I have had a unique nursing opportunity as coordinator for the repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Clinic within the Neurostimulation and Neuropsychiatry Unit at St. Boniface Hospital.  This role involves several administrative duties, diligent organization skills, thorough patient assessment and intake, and cutting-edge research in a new and rapidly growing treatment modality. I have volunteered in a variety of roles for several mental health conferences.  I was the Mental Health Site Lead for 2016 accreditation for my department.  I currently sit as co-chair on the Nursing Leadership Council at St. Boniface Hospital which is responsible for reviewing hospital policies and procedures. I have been employed in both inpatient and outpatient capacities in my career and with this I have gained a range of experience with both acute and long term mental health clients. 

I am interested in serving in a third term for the Board of Directors to continue with the work of the RHPA transition as well as to give back to the college. I hope to continue as an active member of this team.

Richard Zwiep

I am a Community Mental Health Worker (Access) for Southern Health-Santé Sud / Eden Health Care Services.  I have 30 years of professional experience as a psychiatric nurse and would like to serve my college and peers to the best of my ability.

I have served one term on the CRPNM Board and have served on boards for minor sports organizations (football and figure skating) in the past.

More information about the Board’s role and responsibilities can be found here.


Practising members of the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM) are entitled to vote in the 2019 election. Voting will be conducted by electronic ballot through the CRPNM’s online member portal.  Voting will open on May 2, 2019. 

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