2020 Practising Registration Fee
If applying between:
January 1 & March 31, 2020
($541.00 + GST) $568.05
April 1 & June 30, 2020
($405.75 + GST) $426.04
July 1 & September 30, 2020
($270.50 + GST) $284.03
October 1 & December 31, 2020
($135.25 + GST) $142.01
Professional Liability Protection (PLP)
($72.25 + GST) $75.86
Other Fees
Graduate Registration Fee
Initial Online Application Fee
Non-Practicing Registration Fee
Copy of transcript*
Copy of course descriptions*
NSF/Non-negotiable transaction fee
Verification of registered practice hours

All fees are in Canadian dollars and include the GST.

*May be subject to additional postage costs.

The CRPNM will only refund fees it has collected under the following circumstances:

  • We have determined, in our sole discretion, that the fee was charged in error.

  • Upon application and provided that there are no other fees, fines or monies owing to the CRPNM by the applicant, we will refund a pro-rated portion of registration fees based on the schedule in section 16 of the CRPNM by-laws.

  • Payment of registration fees must be made for the full year on renewal. Any refunds must be applied for at the time of status change.

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